Hint 0

Materials needed:

-Envelope in Room 1

-Crayon Block

-Hinckie’s Pizza Menu

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Hint 1

Fold the two blocks together by making ten folds on the ten fold lines, sliding the two small inserts into the slots and tucking in the ends. (The block will stay especially secure if the two small inserts are folded down inside the block.)

Hint 2

There are partial shapes on both sides of the crayon block and inside the pizza menu.

Hint 3

Every winning team is made up of 2 shapes.

Hint 4

Placing the crayon block in different places on the menu will be necessary.

Hint 5

The mention of next week’s contenders, the “Heartangles”, is flanked by two interesting looking shapes.

Hint 6

The team name Squovals is made up of the word square and ovals. Pairing squares and ovals will be your next step.

Hint 9

Do this with all 6 team names:

Squovals = squares and ovals = alpha

Octarescents = octagons and crescents = rev

Hexarows = hexagons and arrows = deli

Pentaross = pentagons and crosses = verse

Stircles = stars and circles = very

Triamonds = triangles and diamonds = live

Hint 7

Line up the half square on the menu with the half oval on the block, and the half oval on the menu with half square on the block.

Hint 8

Lining up the block on the menu as noted in Hint 7 makes the word “alpha” appear.

Hint 10

Each of these words is a promo code.

Hint 11

Match each promo code to its pizza.

The Sandwich Maker is “deli.”

Hint 12

The Sandwich Maker = deli

The Survivor = live

The Too Much = very

The Engine = rev

The Sonnet = verse

The Greek = alpha

Hint 13

Having the promo codes in this order will help to string them together. Don’t forget to use “abet” as well.

Hint 14

Overlap the letters to make the phrase, “delivery reverse alphabet.”

Hint 15

The delivery section on the back of the menu will be helpful.

Hint 16

The access portal key is 5 characters long. There are 5 sets of numbers in the delivery section.

Hint 17

The highest number found in the delivery section is 26.

Hint 18

Reversing the alphabet and aligning it to numbers would mean that 1=Z and A=26.


24 = C

26 = A

9 = R

25 = B

8 = S

The Member Portal Access Key, and correct answer to enter into the elevator screen, is “carbs.”