Hint 1

The Hincksville Film Fest looks like the place to START.

Hint 2

Each clock, read clockwise starting at a random letter, matches a movie description.

Hint 3

Movie description 1: MICROBREWING

Movie description 2: FILIBUSTERS.

Movie description 3: MOUNTAINSIDE

Movie description 4: TREECREEPERS

Movie description 5: LIGHTHEARTED

Hint 5

The theater number tells the position of each set of two letters within the sentence being created.

Hint 8

There’s a lot of winning happening in the Vampire, Roach, Garlic Bread section, but who are the real winners?

Hint 6


9:50- WI, 5:05- OM, 4:40- RE


9:00- FI, 9:30- FR, 3:15- S


10:25- ND, 2:50- NN, 11:30- TE, 11:00- TA


10:40- RS, 3:10- ER, 10:40- RS, 11:45- ET


9:20- IR, 5:05- EH, 3:40- AL, 7:40- DL

Hint 7

Put in order from 1-18, these sets of letters create: FIRST AND THIRD LETTERS FROM REAL WINNERS.

Hint 9

Solve the competition bracket to know which teams are in the starred slots, as, per the subheading, they are the real winners.

Hint 10

Remember that the first rule in the list that applies to that match is the only rule that applies.

Hint 4

Each showtime will give two letters. The bottom right-hand corner of the paper notes that the hour hand will never sit between letters.

Hint 11

Round 1 winners: Flying Squirrels, 2. Angry Hornets, 3. Acrobats, 4. Whipper Snappers, 5. Hawks, 6. Pterodactyls, 7. Storm, 8. Pros

Round 2 winners: 1. Angry Hornets, 2. Acrobats, 3. Pterodactyls, 4. Pros

Round 3 winners: 1. Angry Hornets, 2. Pros

Round 4 winners: 1. Pros

Hint 12

Take the first and third letters of the team names with stars next to them, in order of the amount of stars.

One star = Pros = PO

Two stars = Puzzlin’ People = PZ

Three stars = STORM = SO

Four stars = Whipper Snappers = WI

Five stars = Pterodactyls = PE

Six stars = Blue Aliens = BU

Seven Stars = Angry Hornets = AG

Eight stars = Flying Squirrels = FY

Hint 13

These pairs of letters match pairs of letters in another section of the paper.

Hint 14

The character names in the Mystery Dinner match the letters from the bracket winners.

Hint 17

PO = Pamala Oswald = FOLLOW

PZ = Pablo Zapata = REARRANGED

SO = Selma Ortega = SYSTEM

WI = Wilhelm Indigo = THROUGH

PE = Peter Ericsson = EXHIBITS

BU = Beau Underhill = GATHERING

AG = Alanna Grey = FIRST

FY = Finn Young = THREE


Hint 16

The keys that were swapped on the typewriter are "E" "T" and "O". Whenever you see the symbols below, replace them with the correct letter to get the real line of dialogue.

< = E

# = T

8 = O

Hint 18

The new library system seems a bit jumbled.

Hint 22

Use the newly rearranged library system steps to navigate the pop-up museum steps.

Hint 21

  1. First, you need to know the full name of the book that you’re wanting to look up.
  2. Write that name on a slip of paper
  3. Once you have the name, take the paper to the royal librarian.
  4. The librarian will look at you with disdain. Offer up a gift of a shiny apple.
  5. If the librarian is pleased with your present, they will rip up your paper and provide a riddle.
  6. DON’T WRITE THE RIDDLE DOWN! It’s cheating and you’ll have to start over.
  7. Once you solve the riddle, burn what’s left of the paper so your steps can’t be traced.
  8. Now that you’ve thrown off you would-be pursers visit the desk o’ books.
  9. All the books are on that desk. Pick the one that looks the most interesting.
  10. No, not that one, it looks too boring.
  11. Pick another and look at the map on page 7 of your more interesting book.
  12. Use your birthday as coordinates to find a location on the map.
  13. Travel to that specific location you found. Preferably by blimp.
  14. Finally, dig a hole. If you are worthy, the book will be there.

Hint 23

Start at the entrance. The first thing we need is to know a full name. Step into the “Stephen P. Hincks: A Story” exhibit.

Hint 19

Put the new library system steps in order and utilize with the museum exhibits.

Hint 24

Next we need to write the name on a slip of paper. A nearby exhibit could help us obtain paper.

Hint 25

Step into the “A Long History of Stationary” exhibit. Next, we need to see a royal. Step into the “Nefertiti’s Egypt” exhibit.

Hint 26

Continue following the system through the exhibits.

  1. Stephen P. Hincks A Story
  2. A Long History of Stationary
  3. Nefertiti’s Egypt
  4. Roman Cuisine: Fruits
  5. Each Answer to Every Question
  6. H. Magnifica: The Honest Truth
  7. GI Cuisine and Cooking by Campfire
  8. World O’ Furniture
  9. DBY: The Science of Choosing
  10. Painfully Dull Speeches
  11. Ring Around the Atlas
  12. G-Wiz: Yearly Celebrations
  13. THL: Aircrafts Plus
  14. Ostentatious Shovels

Hint 27

Now that we’ve followed the rearranged system through the exhibits, we still need to finish this step by “GATHERING FIRST THREE.”

Hint 28

Take the first three letters of each exhibit name to create the phrase:


Hint 29

There are six magic words in the front page article.



First name: Cat Middle Initial: B. Last name: Urglar CAT B. URGLAR!

Hint 30

Visit the lost and found and figure out what the Hincksians have lost track of lately.

Hint 31

Pair each lost item with a magic word and keep the letter that’s left over.

Hint 32







Hint 33

URGLAR? String this with some information from the article to figure out what Cat and Magico are up to.

Hint 15

The author of the mystery dinner is asking that you learn "every last word of your line."

Hint 20

Start rearranging the steps of the new system by figuring out what you should do "first."