2020 Hincksville Snowperson Festival

The festival was a huge hit, even without snow! 

But now the question is how to get it all cleaned up?


Hint 1

The note from the Editor looks like a good place to START.

Hint 2

The words that fit in the blanks based on the context seem to have a couple things in common.

Hint 3

Each word is 4 letters. Each word has “is” in the middle.

Hint 5

Fish = F is H (and vice versa, so H also equals F).

Hint 8

Crlrgr hiekg gwo heom wfolr, bads gferr heom falh, hiekg houe heom quaegre nogrk. Delete first two from whole, back three from half, first four from quarter notes.

Hint 6

R IS E (rise) D IS C (disc) K IS S (kiss) F IS H (fish) G IS T (gist)

Hint 7

Use these substitutions to decode the gibberish text.

Hint 9

Utilize these guidelines with Caroling Guidelines section.

Hint 10

Get rid of the first two letters from each word under whole notes. Get rid of the last three letters from each word under half notes. Get rid of the first four letters from each word under quarter notes.

Hint 4

The spacing in the word “FISH” in the title looks a little off.

Hint 11

Find a friend and sing both music lines at the same time. Or I guess just connect the top letters to the bottom letters to form words.

Hint 12


Hint 13

First we’ll need to know how to replace one food with another. The article can help with this.

Hint 14

Mr. Hincks says the best way to replace foods you’re running low on when cooking is to find a food that’s the same color.

Hint 16

B. Lou Berry sounds like a familiar food, but not one that matches a color on the list.

Hint 15

Now head to the Winter Hinckslympics section to and take a look at the event champs.

Hint 17

LIME = green = Brock Leigh (broccoli) CHERRY = red = Tommy Tow (tomato) CARROT = orange = Ken Tullope (cantaloupe) LEMON = yellow = Ben Nanner (banana) MILK = white = Cole A. Flowers COFFEE = brown = Chuck Ullot (chocolate)

Hint 20

Add the aisle number to each row of seconds. 3,600 seconds 671 seconds 3,660 seconds 660 seconds 3661 seconds 11 seconds 611 seconds

Hint 19

Brock Lee = Add Tommy Tow = Aisle Ken Tullope = Then Ben Nanner = Covert Cole A. Flower = To Chuck Ullot = HMMSS

Hint 21

Convert this new list of seconds to HMMSS (hour: minute minute : second second)

Hint 18

String together the middle words from the events titles of these food names in that same order.

Hint 22

1:00:00 0:11:11 1:01:00 0:11:00 1:01:01 00:00:11 00:10:11

Hint 23

These numbers look similar to another section in the paper. But first we’ll need to finish filling it out.

Hint 24

16, 8, 4, 2, 1 notate the value of that slot. 1 or 0 represents if that slot is “on” and adds that value, or “off” and does not include that value. The first one with a blank to fill in is 9. So far the value equals 8. We’ll need to put a 1 in the 1 slot in order to add that value and create 9. Full chart in next hint.

Hint 25

1(A) 00001 2(B) 00010 3(C) 00011 4(D) 00100 5(E) 00101 6(F) 00110 7(G) 00111 8(H) 01000 9(I) 01001 10(J) 01010 11(K) 01011 12(L) 01100 13(M) 01101 14(N) 01110 15(O) 01111 16(P) 10000 17(Q) 10001 18(R) 10010 19(S) 10011 20(T) 10100 21(U) 10101 22(V) 10110 23(W) 10111 24(X) 11000 25(Y) 11001 26(Z) 11010


Use the filled in chart to match HMMSS to binary. 10000 = P 01111 = O 10100 = T 01100 = L 10101 = U 00011 = C 01011 = K POTLUCK! What a great idea!