To ride the roller coaster, enter the file folder purchase code from your Honcks' receipt: 


Hint 1

The pepperoni quiz is a good place to START.

Hint 2

When you’re ready, start the quiz and time how long it takes you. Then use the table to figure out which pepperoni you are.

Hint 3

The answers to the quiz are: 1) NEERG 2) CHOPSTICKS 3) CHEESECAKE 4) BILLIONAIRE 5) ANTHEM If you missed any, go ahead and correct them now.

Hint 5

The first step tells you to take another pepperoni for every hour in a day, so you should add 24 to your pepperoni score and use that result in step 2. Participation Pepperoni: 3 + 24 = 27 Meticulous Pepperoni: 5 + 24 = 29 Spicy Pepperoni: 7 + 24 = 31 Primo Pepperoni: 10 + 24 = 34

Hint 8

Multiplying by 10 pepperonis means just adding a zero to the large number in step 11, which results in 2,452,352,142,312,320. When you finish using the multiplier you should end up with the number 2,452,352,142,312,320. Try to find a place that that number can fit into the paper.

Hint 6

In step 7, you need to give away one quarter of your pepperonis. Make sure that you divide your total pepperonis by four AND subtract that number from the total to get your new number. That step should look like this: Participation Pepperoni: 288 - (288 / 4) = 216 Meticulous Pepperoni: 312 - (312 / 4) = 234 Spicy Pepperoni: 336 - (336 / 4) = 252 Primo Pepperoni: 372 - (372 / 4) = 279

Hint 7

In steps 8 and 9, when you add the digits together, if you only have one digit in your number, that is your answer. No matter what score you started with, on step 9 the amount of pepperonis you should end with is 9, meaning that when you add one pepperoni in step 10, your answer is 10.

Hint 9

Your final pepperoni score can be used to fill in the blanks at the bottom of the paper. Each blank corresponds to one digit of the number, in order.

Hint 10

Use the pairs that you filled in with the “5 Questions” section to form a sentence.

Hint 4

Once you match your time to a type of pepperoni, get the score for that type. Then find your total potential by starting with your score and following the 11 steps of the pepperoni multiplier.

Hint 11

Each pair corresponds to some letters in one of the answers to the question. For example, “A1: 1” would be directing you to use the first letter of the first answer.

Hint 12

When you gather all the letters from the answers, you’ll end up with the phrase “MATCH THE PATTERNS, KEEP CHECKS”

Hint 13

The Reading Corner has some interesting patterns, but they don’t always line up with each other.

Hint 14

Using the study conducted by the impartial judge, you need to figure out which locations have checkmarks for each attribute. For example, the fifth finding tells you that “L and P are the only ones to serve cocoa.” The "cocoa" box for L already contains a checkmark as an example, so you need to also add a checkmark in the "cocoa" box for P.

Hint 17

When the grid is filled out, it shows that these boxes are checked: Cocoa: L, P Stink: L, B, P Games: B, P Sitar: L, B, P, C Inapt: J, B, C Quiet: B, P Sepia: J, L, P Cider: B, P, C Plain: L, C

Hint 16

The locations that check the box for “inapt” are J, B, and C.

Hint 18

Now that you know which boxes are checked you need to match the patterns of the attribute to the patterns of the checkboxes. For example, “COCOA” is in the first row, but its pattern matches the one in the ninth row of checkboxes.

Hint 22

The words that you get from the reading corner match up with the Riddle Slaps section.

Hint 21

When you collect all the letters from the findings, you get “OATNAMESTAINPIEEPICDRAIN,” which you separate out into “OAT,” “NAME,” “STAIN,” “PIE,” “EPIC,” “DRAIN.”

Hint 23

From top to bottom the answers to the Riddle Slaps are: Stain Pie Epic Name Drain Oat

Hint 19

All of the attributes are five letter words, and there are five possible check boxes for each attribute.

Hint 24

If you look closely at The Riddle Slaps section, you can see that the words “first,” “then,” and “last” are all italicized. Apply that to the answers to each of the riddles.

Hint 25

When you take the first letter of each answer, then take the last letter of each answer you get: Stain = SN Pie = PE Epic = EC Name = NE Drain = DN Oat = OT And when you look at all the firsts together, then all the lasts you get “SPEND ONE CENT.”

Hint 26

It looks like Honcks’ is having a sale. Try to spend one cent there.

Hint 27

Honcks’ has some strange discounts. When you buy certain items, or certain combinations of items, sometimes you end up getting money back.

Hint 28

The only item that might cause you to spend one cent is the Directionals Padlock for $1.01. If you buy that item, though, you’ll need to buy some other items that make the price go down.

Hint 29

There is currently a promotion where you get $1 off when you buy exactly 8 unique items. You already have the Directionals Lock in your cart, so if you can find 7 other items that sum up to $0, then you will be able to spend one cent.

Hint 36

The directional words tell you where to look to locate the objects that you can substitute into the Caroling in July section. When you see the word "up," collect the word above. When you see the word "down," collect the word below. This will give you ten object words.

Hint 30

The items that you can combine to “spend one cent” are: Directionals Padlock $1.01 Point To Smart Binders & That Printer You Need, $50 Alliterative Sticky Notes, -$44 Objects 5 Lotto Tickets, -$10 Sub Sandwich & “For You” Bouquet, $8 Bolds Label Maker, -$4

Hint 31

Notice that only certain words are underlined in each black circle.

Hint 32

Keep the words in the order that they appear in the black circles from left to right.

Hint 33

When you string together the indicated words of all the products that you bought, you get the phrase “Directionals Point To Alliterative Objects That Sub For Bolds.”

Hint 15

Sometimes you need to combine several findings together to be able to check or not check boxes. For example, the final finding tells you that B and C are the same for “sepia.” The first clue tells you that P has a checkmark in the sepia column. The sixth clue tells you that J has a checkmark in the “sepia” column. Finally, the second finding tells you that exactly three locations have “sepia” checked, so you can infer that B and C do not have “sepia” checked, and that the remaining unknown location, L, does have a checkmark in “sepia.”

Hint 20

Using the clue from the previous puzzle, you “keep checks,” so you need to keep certain letters from each attribute. For example, you would keep the first “O” and the “A” from “COCOA.”

Hint 34

There are directionals on the front side of the paper.

Hint 35

The directional words that you need are found in the article about the roller coaster.

Hint 40

Each of the shapes that you’re looking for is shown once near the top of the page and once near the bottom. Make all the suggested folds and don’t unfold the paper between each fold.

Hint 39

Once you substitute the words into the Caroling in July section, you’ll see that the instructions now read: Fold STARS to DIAMONDS Fold ROCKETS to HEARTS Fold FOLDERS to LIGHTNINGS Fold CROSSES to MOONS Fold TEARS to GEARS Fold phone to phone

Hint 38

Now that you have the words that the directions pointed you to, substitute them into their alliterative matches in the Caroling in July section. The final “fold” instruction is not in bold, so you don’t need to substitute anything.

Hint 37



The final answer is “SOLDOUT.” Unfortunately, it looks like the file folder that you needed to buy that would’ve given you a free ticket to ride the Super Duper Upside Down Mega Extreme Loop Coaster is not available, and you’ll have to enjoy the line from a distance.

Hint 41

After you’ve made all the folds, a single word will appear near the bottom of the paper.