Beaks By Hincks, LLC.

Think you've cracked my code? Enter the word you've discovered below.


Hint 1

The movie times section looks like a good place to begin.

Hint 2

Do these strange movie titles remind you of any blockbuster movies?

Hint 3

Left column: Back to the Future The Lord of the Rings Pirates of the Caribbean Titanic Right column: Harry Potter Shrek Toy Story Star Wars

Hint 5

Hincks Title: Hope He Doesn't Wreck My Time Machine Driving 88 MPH Real Title: Back to the Future Word 1: Letter 3 = C Word 2: Letter 2= O Hincks Title: If I Just Had That One Ring, I’d Rule Them All Real Title: The Lord of the Rings Word 5: Letter 3 = N Hincks Title: I'd Try the Park Ride But They Won't Let Me Bring My Rum In Real Title: Pirates of the Caribbean Word 4: Letter 9 = N Word 1: Letter 6= E Hincks Title: That Extremely Large Ship Is About To Run Into Me Real Title: Titanic Word 1: Letter 7 = C Word 1: Letter 6= T Hincks Title: Maybe If I Had a Lightning Scar, I'd Get To Be Angsty Too Real Title: Harry Potter Word 2: Letter 3 = T Word 1: Letter 1= H Hincks Title: I Really Would Have Made Waffles For That Smelly Ogre Real Title: Shrek Word 1: Letter 4 = E Hincks Title: When I Leave, The Cowboy And Space Ranger Move Real Title: Toy Story Word 2: Letter 3 = O Word 1: Letter 6= T Hincks Title: The Wisest Part Of This Franchise, I Was Real Title: Star Wars Word 1: Letter 1 = S

Hint 6

Reading the letters in order within each block gives the phrase, "connect the ots."

Hint 7

You'll find a collection of "ot"s in the paper.

Hint 10

1 & 11: Merlot 2: Plot 3: Forgot 4: Afoot 5: Not 6: Not 7: Loot 8: Got 9: Not 10: Spot

Hint 8

There are 10 places "ot" appears in the paper, specifically within the Dear Hincksy section.

Hint 9

Each instance of a word containing "ot" is close to a number or something alluding to a number.

Hint 11

Draw lines connecting these "ot"s in numerical order.

Hint 12

The shape the "ot"s form is a star. Holding the paper up to light will aid in this next step.

Hint 13

Indentify which five pictures the star points are touching.

Hint 4

Use the movie times as word:letter to identify specific letters in the real titles. Ex: Hincks Title: Hope He Doesn't Wreck My Time Machine Driving 88 MPH Real Title: Back to the Future Word 1: Letter 3 = C

Hint 14

The five pictues the star points touch have these labels: Purple! Material! Result! Location! Smaller than a city!

Hint 15

Match the five pictures to the five gray spaces in the weather section.

Hint 16

By pairing each picture with a number, you'll be able to make five compound words.

Hint 17

Purple: grapevine Material: woodwind Result: deadline Location: parkway Smaller than a city: township

Hint 18

Plug these words into their corresponding capitalized day-of-the-week words in the article to make a message.

Hint 19



Reading down the first letters of the second paragraph of the article will result in the word: ADOPT (really, so kind of you).