Shoe Tag has now entered its third week and residents are growing tired and paranoid, but still no one has won.

How can we end the madness?


Hint 1

The Visitor Center is a good place to START

Hint 2

Some of the pictures on the HINCKO board look familiar from the other parts of the Gazette.

Hint 3

The picture in second row of the second column of the HINCKO board matches the top of the rightmost bottle in the Hops or Scotch section.

Hint 5

The final square of the HINCKO board to fill in is the fifth column and fourth row.

By shading in the other 9 squares, you can now fill in the two blanks within that square.

Hint 8

Each italicized word or phrase in the Visitor Center can be replaced by a single word ending in IT. For example, another word for “hare” is “RABBIT.” The words from the Visitor Center are Hare = RABBIT Display area = EXHIBIT Travel here briefly = VISIT Make changes = EDIT Enlist = RECRUIT Enthusiasm = SPIRIT Leave = EXIT Short drama = SKIT Conveyance = TRANSIT Allow entrance to = ADMIT Return for another stay = REVISIT Formal clothes = SUIT

Hint 6

When you look at the entire HINCKO board, it forms the letters “IT” and you can combine that with the final square to get “all italics end in IT.”

Hint 7

The word "hare" seems a little out of place. There's another more common word "hare" could be replaced with.

Hint 9

The end of the Visitor Center section tells you to “string together the firsts.”

Hint 10

Taking the first letter of each replacement word from the section gives you the phrase “REVERSE STARS”

Hint 4

There are nine images on the HINCKO board that show up in other parts of the paper. Completely fill in those squares of the HINCKO board. But wait, didn't it say 10? One more square can now be filled in, and it gives you a clue of where to go next.

Hint 11

Hops Or Scotch seems to provide classic games to play but only if played by their house rules.

Hint 12

Each star represents a letter in the name of the game being described. For example, the first game is “HOPSCOTCH.”

Hint 13


Hint 14

Taking the letters represented by the stars generates the letters “OWTYBNOSAESNITFIHS” which can be reversed to create “SHIFT IN SEASON BY TWO”

Hint 17

The foods that are out of season, found in order: Foods with "rain" in the name (3): Grain, Rainbow Sprinkles, Grain Foods with double letters (13): Pancetta, Jelly, Beets. Mushrooms, Meatballs, Pizza, Pineapple, Cherries, Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Cherries, Butter, Apples Foods with a hard shell (11): Crab, Pistachios, Clams, Peanuts, Escargot, Oysters, Pistachios, Pistachios, Peanuts, Coconut, Crab Dehydrated foods (5): Jerky, Raisins, Prunes, Powdered Milk, Raisins Frozen food (6): Popsicles, Ice Cream, Froyo, Lemon Sherbet, Popsicles, Ice Cream

Hint 16

The name of each dish from The Kitchen Sink is based on the ingredients used to make it. Some of the ingredients are unavailable (out of season), so the name of the dish needs to change.

Hint 18

The foods that are out of season can by taken out of both the description and the title.

Hint 22

The Dear Hincksy section includes a lot of people who are ASKING for advice.

Hint 21

Shifting the in season dishes gives you the message “CONVERT ASKERS INITIALS TO NUMBERS THEN SELECT.”

Hint 23

Each person asks Hincksy a question, but he doesn’t always understand them correctly. For example, Concerned Buddy is asking about the weapon called a bow, but Hincksy thinks that they are talking about a decorative wrapping piece.

Hint 19

By removing all the out of season ingredients the dishes at the The Kitchen Sink become: AMLTCPR YQICPQ

Hint 24

For each question in Dear Hincksy, you need to find the word that Hincksy and the writer are confused about.

Hint 25

In order, the words that Hincksy is confused by are: BOW ROUND FAIR LETTER CABINET HIT TONGUE

Hint 26

The asker of the first question is “Concerned Buddy,” which means that the initials are CB. If A = 1, B = 2 and so on, then the numbers you get from the first set of initials are 3 and 2.

Hint 27

The first question has now generated the word BOW and the numbers 3 and 2. Select the 3rd letter and the 2nd letter to generate "WO."

Hint 28

The letters you get from the Dear Hincksy questions, in order, is: WO RD AF TER EAC HI NGO which can be combined to give you the phrase "WORD AFTER EACH INGO."

Hint 29

The name of the birdbot in the article on the front of the paper is Ringo.


When you hold up the paper, the letters “TI” from the HINCKO board line up with “ED,” to create the final answer of “TIED.”

But wait, I thought there was only supposed to be one winner?!

Hint 30

In the Birdbot article, you’ll need the next word after you see the letters “INGO.” You will end up with six words.

Hint 31

The words after each “ingo” tell you to “SHADE ODD NUMBERS THEN HOLD UP.”

Hint 32

In the Fan Art Contest section, the picture of the dinosaur is a mosaic of even and odd numbers. Color in all the odd numbers.

Hint 33

When you fill in all the odd numbers, you’ll see that the new dinosaur’s name appears to be “ED.” But don’t forget to hold the paper up.

Hint 15

In the “Back By So-So Demand” section, there’s a note at the bottom that mentions that some ingredients in the dishes are out of season.

Hint 20

Now that only in-season ingredients remain, you need to shift the names of each dish by 2.

Hint 34

There is no left side to the frame around the picture of the dino, but when the paper is held up, you may notice the frame is extended.

Hint 35

At the beginning of paper, 10 of the HINCKO squares were completely filled in.