Time to Foil this Plot!

The brain trust at Hinckie's has decided that Fitzhugh must have a more nefarious plan in place. 

Figure out what the Fhincksburger has up his sleeves!


Hint 1

The Fashion Trends section looks like a good place to start.

Hint 2

The grey text shows examples of how to play this game.

Hint 3

The 4, 1, and 0 show that the number that goes in each square is the number of bombs it touches, including diagonally.

Hint 5

Continue for each column. See next hint for all numbers.

Hint 8

Fill in the rest of the lines using the letters at the top of the columns, based on the order of your totaled sums at the bottom. This creates the phrase, “ADD ONE, USE MATCHING FONT WORDS.”

Hint 6

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Hint 7

The grey 12 has a “T” at the top of its column. A grey “T” is in the 12th line under the bow tie.

Hint 9

The Font Emporium has some strange numbers written underneath the book graphic.

Hint 10

Add one to each number, then take that number word from the corresponding font name.

Hint 4

Adding together all the numbers in this column totals to 12 at the bottom.

Hint 11

“one two ONE one two three TWO, four two one” becomes, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 4, 3, 5, 3, 2, creating the phrase, “Success is first letter of missing food, failure is third.”

Hint 12

The meeting minutes from the Mayhem and Magicians gathering outline 6 player’s turns.

Hint 13

The Magicians either succeeded or failed in their magic. Rivia the Rich needed at least a 17. She had 2 from her Irregular Gloves and two Mystical Wands for 3 each (noted by Jobin the Jocular) added to her die roll of 10. That means that her turn totaled 18, so Rivia succeeded in cutting her assistant in half.

Hint 14

1. Rivia = Success 2. Axium = Failure 3. Inydae = Success 4. Esinor = Success 5. Jobin = Failure 6. Pat = Failure

Hint 16

Each menu item has a food replaced by Brussels sprouts. Salt and something that makes you sneeze means that the PEPPER is missing from this dish.

Hint 15

To utilize these successes and failures, we’ll need to find the missing food. Looks like Brussels sprouts are taking over the town.

Hint 17


Hint 20

The spilled-on street name looks like it could start with a “P.”

Hint 19

1. Success = PEPPER = P 2. Failure = CHEESE = E 3. Sucess = BUTTER = B 4. Success = BEANS = B 5. Failure = SALSA = L 6. Failure = CREAM = E (PEBBLE)

Hint 21

The first two streets the parade visits are Pebble Lane and Icebox Ave. Somewhere in the paper refers to these concepts.

Hint 18

Take the first letter from the foods in the numbers which succeeded and the third from the numbers which failed.

Hint 22

You’ll find the word “Stone” in the middle column of the article. Start at here and follow the parade southeast to the word “refrigerator” in the last line of this column.

Hint 23

(Stone - refrigerator - illegal - Stone - quickly - Stephen) (top - first - float - flummoxed - advantage - first)

Hint 24

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Hint 25

Looks like 2 arrows. You’ll find Fitzhugh’s nefarious plan in the two words the arrows point towards.