Well, This is Unexpected

The bats seem to have run out of candy and are now making it rain vegetables.


No one wants a Halloween brussels sprout.


We need to send a message to the trainer, but we'll have to use her code name so she knows this is an emergency.  


Hint 1

Let’s start this Halloween themed Gazette by stabbing the difference.

Hint 2

There are six differences between the two pictures. -mug -armrest -cheese -blanket -picture -clock

Hint 3

Stabbing the differences has affected another part of the paper.

Hint 5

Stringing together the underlined words in the bubbles that haven’t been popped creates, “collect word that starts with the same letter as each answer not loaded.”

Hint 8

The first block clues that the user was searching for “squash.” Use the first letter of that answer to identify the only word in that block which starts with the same letter, in this case, “sponsor.”

Hint 6

Some Hincksville residents' phones died right as they were in the middle of some important internet searches.

Hint 7

Figuring out what each person was searching the web for will generate one answer word for each block.

Hint 9

Block 1: squash (sponsor) Block 2: sale (swapped) Block 3: mobile (middle) Block 4: acronym (and) Block 5: lawyer (last) Block 6: indigo (initials) Sponsor swapped middle and last initials.

Hint 10

Em’s Embroideries sponsored the Pass-The-Buck race at the Fall Festival.

Hint 4

Some of the word bubbles have been popped on the front of the paper.

Hint 11

The information given about the first race will allow you to put the racers in the order they finished.

Hint 12

1st: Finnley N. Ingalls 2nd: Anabella H. Lowery 3rd: Andy F. Lindsey 4th: Omar E. Fernell 5th: Vance R. Earlene 6th: Yasmine T. Ortiz 7th: Henrik R. Ellington 8th: Caelan N. Alston 9th: Deanna W. Youngdale 10th: Oleda D. Renstork

Hint 13

Swapping the middle and last initials of the racers results in the phrase, “final half of every other candy word.”

Hint 14

The front article lists quite a few delicious (or at least interesting) sounding candies.

Hint 16

Nathan’s Haunt Shop carries options for costumes for duos. And also third-wheelin’ trios.

Hint 15

Starting with the first word, taking the last half of every other word results in the phrase, “third wheels six one two seven one one seven.”

Hint 17

Connect lines to each costume duo from dot to dot (passing through a third wheel dot).

Hint 20

Using the middle column as 1-7, take the letter the star represents from “six one two seven one one seven.”

Hint 19

Wizard of Oz Scared Straw Man (Scarecrow) to Red Shoe Lady (Dorothy) passes through Little Dog (Toto) Lord of the Rings: Ring Hobbit (Frodo) to Gardener Hobbit (Sam) passes through Grey(?)-Haired Senior (Gandalf) Barbie: Plastic Boyfriend (Ken) to Fashion Girl (Barbie) passes through Little Sister (Skipper) Peanuts Quiet Beagle (Snoopy) to Little Yellow Bird (Woodstock) passes through Zig-Zag Shirt Kid (Charlie Brown) Muppets Feisty Pig (Miss Piggy) to Timid Frog (Kermit) passes through Blue Weirdo (Gonzo) Scooby-Doo Hungry Scruffy Guy (Shaggy) to Sleuthing Snack Dog (Scooby-Doo) passes through Annoying Nephew (Scrappy-Doo) Lion King Royal Lion (Simba) to Spunky Lioness (Nala) passes through Flatulent Warthog (Pumbaa)


6: Charlie Brown (B) 1: Gandalf (A) 2: Toto (T) 7: Pumbaa (M) 1: Gandalf (A) 1: Gandalf (A) 7: Pumbaa (M) Quickly enter “BATMAAM” online to send an emergency signal to the bat trainer!

Hint 18

Passing through the third wheel dot gives the context for that pop culture character that the costume is referencing.