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The team hosting the costume party has realized one of the costumes was never delivered! One attendee won't have a match!

Which costume is missing?

Need a hint?
  • Hint 0
    Digital materials needed on this floor: -Present on Floor 45 Parcel materials needed on this floor: -Elevator Certificate -Permit Application Missing something? Dog ate something? Email and we'll send you over a digital copy asap so you can keep on puzzling.
  • Hint 1
    Before you can make sense of the jumbled letters in the grid, you’ll need to solve the maze from the present. Start at “S” and finish at “E”.
  • Hint 2
    Use the path from the maze to find a message in the grid of jumbled letters. The first word of the message is “SUM”
  • Hint 3
    Using the maze and the grid of letters together, you can find a message that tells you to sum together the five odd numbers on the certificate.
  • Hint 4
    The odd numbers on the certificate are 2019, 3, 59999, 6581, and 205. The sum of these numbers is 68807.
  • Hint 5
    Returning to the permit, fill in the segments on the bottom of the page with the number you got from adding the odd numbers together. It looks like one of the segments is missing.
  • Hint 6
    After you’ve filled in the display at the bottom of the permit, look at it upside down to get the final answer.
  • Solution
    The final answer to this floor is “LOBBY”
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